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Kendria Johnson, founder of K Consultants, firmly shares Oprah’s sentiment, and believes in the power of pursuing new avenues of online communication to cultivate reach and prosperity. She shares: “Gatherings and the opportunity to spread your message by word of mouth are never in short demand. Even during a pandemic, people have invented ways to gather with virtual birthday parties, baby showers, game nights and many more. Use your power of online socializing as online word of mouth,” she suggests.
Johnson believes that being a change-maker in the online space is the best way to substantiate new growth opportunities. By being the first on the scene, you’re often seen as the pioneer of a new trend or development. This positions you as an expert in your industry and expands your audience in the process.

She continues: “Instigate, recreate and formulate a marketing party. Take a month to gather 15 to 20 business owners and their followers. Host a live event where each business gives a five-minute pitch to drive traffic to their business. Don’t be in the backseat of this online train, get in front of it! Create avenues for other businesses to prosper and watch yours do the same.”

Johnson began public speaking in 2013 as supplemental income for teaching, and her career has since accelerated. Working with the American Federation of Teachers gave her the boldness to become an educational consultant. Today, she shares her teaching expertise coaching and mentoring teachers. She hosts workshops and events helping teachers fall in love with their jobs and reignite passion in their career.

“Have you ever felt like you were drowning in your job? Who decides what a good teacher is? Learn proven techniques and utilize years of experience to rediscover your passion, your purpose, and the power in your position.”

T.E.A.C.H For Life 

If you want to lose weight, you find a Fitness Coach.If you want guidance from a higher power, you find a Spiritual Coach. If you want help with making good choices in life, love, and career, you find a Life Coach. Where do teachers go for moral and mental support? Consider this course as your platform as an instructional coach. Teaching is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging careers a person can choose in this world. Educators need practical skills as well as mentorship to help maneuverthrough the maze of politics in education.

The Teach for Life series explores helping teacher leaders reignite their passion, purpose and the power in their position in the world of education.

Fat Meat Ain’t Greasy: A Memoir

Fat Meat Ain’t Greasy is the window into the soul of a woman on a mission. This memoir is not in autobiographical order. Instead it is a compilation of hard life lessons from a teenage mother who vowed to beat the odds and became a math and science teacher. How did Kendria go from finding out she was pregnant at age fourteen to traveling the world as a highly educated woman filled with self-discovery? Her proudest achievement is her daughter, who works for NASA in Cleveland, OH. Kendria’s dream of starting a legacy and educating the next generation is coming full circle. This memoir of a diva is a tale of tales; a chronicle of her life until now.

Teacher Of The Year Chapter 1

by Ken Johnson

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